Probably moving…

On a whim I decided to start this experiment on However, less than a weem in I am seriously considering a move over to I have two reasons for this.

First, my first attempt at blogging using my own domain was with a stand-alone version of wordpress. It is FOSS. I liked it then and only stopped because of the issues with maintaining my own hosting. Having a 3Gb host in means i can just focus on the blogging with software I like and if I ever need to expand or feel like moving back to my own domain I’ll be using the exact same software.

Second, blogger does not have the capability for a jump. I am quite verbose at times. My post for MMO economies, for example, clocks in at 1122 words. I am ok with that verbosity. I am not ok with 3-4 of those articles strung together on the main page of my blog. WordPress has jumps. IE, the first paragraph or two of my article are on the main page with a “more” link which takes people to the full article. It keeps the main page trim but allows people to view the full article if they are so inclined. Just as an example compare the version against the version.


One response to “Probably moving…

  1. No more maybe, definitely. Cleaned up the catagories and started closing down L.A.G. at

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