The Twilight of My Discontent

All I know is that I got turned off of the movie when some foreign exchange students decided to what an hour long special on network TV about the premiere of the movie. Sorry, but when does a movie need an hour long infomercial with annoying screaming from the announcers, vapid statements from the actors and utterly no details about the story/movie itself. “It’s the hit phenomenon!” Yeah, so? “It has vampires!” Yeah, so do about 3 dozen other books I’ve read in the past decade, all of which would have made awesome movies/TV series but will never see the light of day. “It’s a wuuuuuuv story!” Aaaand this is new? Shut-up and stop wasting a good hour of prime-time on an infomercial. Cripes, give me a reality show over that tripe!

As for the books… Well, my wife has read them. She’s been trying to get me to read them. But after the above circle-jerk I decided I have better books to (re)read and put them down on my list until all the hype dies down. Call me contrary; it fits. Haven’t read anything by JRR Tolkien nor any of the Harry Potter books for pretty much the same reason. Any time people get glossy-eyed while describing how good something is without providing something of substance I tend to take a pass. I might eventually relent but generally glossy-eyed + no substance endorsements = bleh.


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