How Quickly the Masses Forget

Two days ago ol’ Ma Nature decided to play a little joke.  She dumped 2-4″ of snow on the Las Vegas Strip.  Henderson saw double that.  I mean, I am ever so thankful for Global Warming, er, Climate Change!  Without it we would have seen more snow than in 1979 which is the last time Las Vegas saw that much snow.  Of course back then everyone was worried about the onset of the next ice age.

Also speaking of the 1970s, wasn’t that about the time we were worried that oil would run out?  Of course it didn’t until later on in the 90s when OPEC decided to cut production.  Much like they are presently in the face of nearly 50% price drop in oil in the past 6 months.  Never mind that in between the 90s and today there was a spike of gas prices in the US to almost $4/gallon.  Which, of course, led to the calls for Congressional hearings into the behaviors of domestic oil companies.

What do both of those items have in common other than Disco?  The masses of people forgetting their recent history.  My childhood memories are steeped in the coming of the next Ice Age.  Now, a good decade into the Global Warming hysteria I just shake my head because I have seen all this before.  People look at the past 10-20 years and project onwards from that time.  Nevermind that when one looks further back one finds incongruities which challenge those notions.  For example the hottest year on record is 1934.  Of course that is why there was a panic in the 70s about the coming of the next ice age.  Compared to the 20s, 30s and 40s, the 50s, 60s and 70s were positively chilly.  30 years on its warm again.  So the 80s, 90s and 00s are warming.  But then we hear that the 00s are actually cooling again.  So it leads me to wonder if 20 years on I’ll be writing a blog post about how the global cooling hysterics are getting out of hand.

Gas prices are more of the same, just on a smaller scale.  It amazes me that when gas prices are high people want gas company exec heads to roll but when it’s low they don’t question what all the hulabuloo was about.  Level headed people say it time and again.  Supply and demand explain gas prices.  If anyone wants to look for the nefarious reasons behind gas prices then look first at OPEC and its openly monopolistic actions of increasing or lowering production to control the price of oil or to Russia who is, this time around, looking to join in with OPEC.  Gas prices spike in the summer when people are driving.  Fall in the winter when people aren’t driving.  OPEC tightens up supplies when oil prices get too low.  Opens up the taps when prices spike.  All of this is reported on the evening news.  People just need to connect the dots from one season to the next, maybe even a few years to the next.

Then there are the examples where you have to wonder what people were thinking.  My favorite hysterical moment this time around, so far, was the glacial scientist who was talking about how much ice had melted in the years he has studied one particular glacier.  He went on to say that it was not seen before and lamented at all the lost history.  Of course I could hardly keep myself from yelling at the radio.  Glacial history is obtained by drilling cores of ice and then measuring the layers.  Larger layers, more ice formed that year.  I wanted to know how he could tell that such mass melting had never occured before if the only way to tell, the layers of ice, would have melted away!


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