Massively Forgotten Features – Guild Ads

Unlike the previous features I have discussed thus far this one is actually relatively new.  However, it is such a blazingly obvious concept it is a wonder not only it took this long to show up but that it hasn’t been duplicated in games since.  I’m talking about Guild Ads in Everquest II.

The premise of Guild Ads is simple.  A person is playing an MMO and wants to join a guild.  To do so they have several options.

  1. They can spam the general chat channel if they, unlike me, don’t turn it off the instant they create their first character.
  2. They can try grouping with people and seeing whom they get along well with, group with often and see about joining them.  Unfortunately as this involves PuGging (Pick-up Grouping), a practice most guild members don’t engage in often once a guild reaches a certain critical mass, this is highly inefficient.
  3. They can brave the notoriously awful game forums, peruse the web looking for half-current indexes to current guild sites or Google and navigate the minefield of now-defunct guild portals to find the rare few that are still operational or decent.

What is missing from that list?  Exactly what EverQuest II does in game.  Click on the Guild tab and, if not in a guild, be shown a list of guilds which are actively recruiting.  The listing includes a short blurb from the guild as well as the play styles they are looking for.  Guilds can refer people to their active web pages.

See?  Simple and facepalm inducingly obvious.  Why for almost a decade did people have to leave the game to get a listing that should have been in game all the long?  I have no idea.  Why this has not been a part of every MMO since EQII’s launch is also beyond me.  What better use for an empty guild tab than to list guilds that are recruiting?  None.


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