Dicks on TV? Oh my!

“I don’t go to your job and knock the dicks outta your mouth!” is what Kathy Griffin yelled at a heckler during CNN’s live New Year’s broadcast.

Dick is an offensive word?  Really?  Who hosted more live New Year’s celebrations in New York more than anyone else?  Dick Clark.  This year he was over on ABC!  So at least every 10-15 minutes we got to hear that horrible, horrible word.  Dick!  So obviously it isn’t the word.

The connotation?  That’s how comedians deal with hecklers and she was being heckled. They go for the jugular to put down the heckler in front of his (or her) peers in the most efficient, ruthless and colorful manner.  Furthermore if it is anyone’s fault it is the person who left the microphones live well after they were off camera and after Cooper Anderson had already give them the outro to commercial.

Besides, I’m pretty sure after a sitting president was impeached for having his dick in someone-other-than-his-wife’s mouth I think we, as a nation, are mature enough to handle Kathy Griffin handling her inferior in all matters with references to the same act.

To the prudes who are offended, get over yourselves and go hide from the world instead of trying to make it conform to your overly-sensitive, infantile, unrealistic standards.  Leave the adult world to the adults if you can’t handle dicks on TV.

To Kathy Griffin, thank you for the best 30 seconds of this year’s New Year’s broadcasts even though I don’t watch CNN and didn’t catch it until the 5th.

To CNN executives, grow a pair of balls and stop kowtowing to the easily offended.  It was late night.  It was a tad adult but, so what?  It should be adults watching at that time.  The approrptiate response is, “Yeah, she said dicks, you’re adults, get over it.”  Of course if you’re so afraid of what people think about dicks its no wonder you have no balls.


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