Note to Game Developers…

Online Overdose

Glancing over my RSS feed from I feel something needs to be said.  The latest news had a string of stories from Star Trek Online, EVE Online, Warhammer Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Ultima Online, StarQuest Online, Ragnarok Online, Angels Online & Fiesta Online.  We just needed news from Anarchy Online and The Matrix Online to round it out.  Game developers take note.  If you’re developing an MMORPG the O means online.  Don’t put it in your game’s title!  We’re quite aware that it is online.  Thank you, that is all.

P.S. Ultima Online is exempted from the above.  They pretty much launched the MMORPG genre so it is understandable they’d want to make it clear that their game was, in fact, online.


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