Old Code Never Dies

Back in July of 2003 I started working on a small utility called saeman, SA-Exim Manager.  Just something to quickly sort through the mail SA-Exim dumped into is different queues.  Back then my mail server was hosted on a local machine and using a GUI was not too slow.  However I had to move my mail processing off the local network, GUI operations became expensive and I stopped using and developing that tool.

About 10 months ago it dawned on me that I really should have made it a text based application which would work well through a command-line session.  I dug up my old code from Sourceforge and started tearing the GUI portions out.  After a few days of work spread over those 10 months I finally got it working.  Not the best code to look at and it still needs lots of work but it is functional.  I even moved it to some proper Mercurial hosting over on bitbucket.org.

Moral of the story, keep that old code in a decent repository.  Who knows when it’ll become useful again?


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