Fictional History, Real Parallels?

As I mentioned earlier in my quasi-review of the Kindle 2 I have been rereading David Weber’s Honor Harrington series.  In the 5th book of the series Flag in Exile I came across a passage which describes a fictional past that I feel applies quite aptly to the present day.
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Impressions of the Kindle 2

For months my wife was raving about the Kindle.  She wanted that electronic device with the fervor I normally display for such things geek.  The Kindle, however, failed to spark any sort of interest because of the proprietary nature of the device.  I saw it as an impediment of what makes books such a wonderful form of entertainment. After we exchanged gifts this past Valentine’s Day she asked if she could buy a Kindle.  I agreed.  Hey, her money.

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1 Take on the Obama Budget

Unfortunately this is just a link.  Brian M. Reidl of the Heritage Foundation says it far better than I ever could. Just a snippet of the truth he brings to light,  “The United States has created enormous wealth over the past 25 years. For President Obama to pro­pose returning to economic policies of the Carter Administration, which brought stagflation and mal­aise, is unfathomable. Lawmakers should reject this budget and instead reduce tax rates for families and entrepreneurs, restrain runaway government, and reform unaffordable entitlements.”

Unforgettable Grammar

“Son, if you wanna lose your virginity you’re going to have to get with a girl that’s loose!”

Go ahead, tell what teenaged boy that would forget the difference of lose/loose and your/you’re after that sentence?  Not a one!

Possible fate of Dollhouse?

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Yeah, two of ’em in a row but I made them both so, nyeah.  And not that I am wishing Dollhouse to go away.  The pilot episode was decent.  Not as good as Firefly’s pilot (but then, what is?) but both my wife and I agree it is worth further viewing.  Problem is, it’s on FOX who has cancelled the last project by both Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku and it is up against the final six episodes of Battlestar Galactica.  Until BSG is over any potential Dollhouse viewers who are also BSG viewers won’t show up in the ratings.  Does not bode well.