No Words for This…

Previously I had written about how my heart broke at the thought of ferrets who were neglected.  The only experience I had was with the poor conditions that two of my ferrets, Aesa and Samson, were living prior to my wife and I taking them into our home.  Last night I ran across the web site of a ferret rescue in Maryland, Rocky’s Ferret Rescue & Shelter. They have photos of three rescues they have performed.  What I felt before was nothing compared to looking at those pictures.  Nothing.  I cannot imagine what the volunteers for Rocky’s must have felt going to those rescues. Or what they felt seeing the deplorable conditions in which hose ferrets were forced to live and to die.

What I said before?  Pittance.  I take a part of it back.  Those people who take in a ferret, realize they can’t handle it and at least try to find it a good home are a far sight better than this.  They mistook their desires and limitations and are at least trying to do right by the ferret.  That is all one really can ask of them considering the horrible alternative of true neglect.  Sure I still think they should try to keep the ferret and definitely keep it healthy and happy if they cannot place it.  That alone would be a million times better than falling into a situation like those in the pictures above.  The first set is from a former rescue and the latter set was from a ferret breeder.  These are people who knew better!  No questions, they had to know the proper care and attention for ferrets.  Fuck, for any animal!

To weep or howl in anger.  That is all I can think to do after looking at those pictures.  Probably both.  I try to do the best I can for my three fuzzies.  I wish I could do the same for so many more.  It’s clear the needs it there.


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