How It All Began

I have posted several times about my ferrets or about things ferrety in general. So here’s how my wife and I plunged into ferret parenthood.  Here’s the slightly edited email from March 9th, 2006 that I sent out to my parents announcing the arrival of their first grandferret.  I’m only 2 days late in posting this for the third anniversary of Fex’s entrance into our life.

Eadie was out walking Popo a few days ago and Popo found a ferret. Eadie steered Popo clear, got her to do her business then came back into the apartment to drag me out to chase down this ferret. He was just so darn friendly and cute. Not really scared, just checking things out. So after chasing him at a slow walking pace form one end of our building’s garages to the other I got him into a pet carrier and up into the apartment.

Eadie posted a handwritten “ferret found” sign at the mailboxes on her way into work and asked that I take a photo of the little guy so she could print up a better sign at work. However we both knew where her mind was. On her way to work the ferret had already been named “Fabio”. F name for the ferret.  About an hour or so into work she IMs me “If no one claims him, can we keep him?” Can ya see where this is going already?

Anyway, a bit of history. We had decided a year or two ago on getting a ferret. The rationality for not getting one right away was that we didn’t want to deal with introducing a ferret into Tanada and Popo’s house. So the plan was, wait until they’re no longer with us and then get a ferret. So this wasn’t a snap decision, just an accelerated time table.

Here’s the face that caused all the trouble:

The ferret face that started it all

The ferret face that started it all

Yup, his name is Roach. 3 hours after we got him into the apartment a woman called up asking if she got the right number for the people who had found a ferret. She lived real close to us and would be right over. When she showed up she was so relieved and I was so happy that I didn’t ask how he got out, what her apartment number was or anything. IE, all the questions Eadie asked me 10m later. The only pertinent information I got was that Fabio’s real name was Roach.

So the next day or two was just ferret mania. Eadie was pricing cages on eBay, surfing ferret picture links and so on. Heck, I came home after one graveyard shift to find her desktop had changed into a ferret dressed up and posing as Hamlet! Earlier today the talk shifted from “Can we get one” to “Well, we can get this cage and it’ll be here in a week.” IE, the ferret had already arrived, reality just needed to catch up. Or as I put it to her in geekspeak, “When the avalanche has started it is too late for the pebbles to vote. Hi, I’m Mr. Pebble.”

This morning I priced ferrets, cages, accessories and such at Petco and let her know the scoop. Over the course of the day we went from “Well, maybe soon” to “Tonight.” Mainly it was because I had picked up a magazine for new ferret owners and figured if we could get a cage now we can worry about introducing him or her to the other animals in about a week. That would also be a week to ferret proof one room. The plan is he gets free run of his cage and once we prep one room we’ll romp around with him in that room; the others will be off limits. Boy howdie did we spoil him on the cage. 4 levels for 1 ferret. If we indulge a ferret this much imagine how rotten any kids we’d have would be.

Fex's first night in our home.

So, anyway, long email for such a small fella. He’s a he. We’ve named him Fex and here’s his first night in his new home:

I was late with the camera, he started out completely under the towel in Nada’s old bed. Then half in the bed, half in the hammock. Tried to get that but he kinda slliiiiiiid into the hammock. 🙂

Meanwhile Nada knows there’s another critter around here somewhere and Popo is about 20 of 10 on the jealous-o-meter. Neither have seen him yet.


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