Nancy Pelosi, Liar or Incompetent?

Watch the following clip and see how many false things Nancy Pelosi says with a completely straight face.  I’ll address each false phrase individually below the video.

“What they want is a continuation of the failed policies of George Bush.” For the past several years there have been tax protests on April 15th.  If these were truly about the continuation of the economic policies of George Bush then why were 3 or more such tax day protests during George Bush’s term in office? It is self evident that if the protests occurred while George Bush was in office that they are protesting the economic policies he put forth.  Of course none of those existed in Nancy Pelosi’s world prior to this year.  Video of one 2008 protest. Picture from a 2006 protest.

“95% of the American people get a tax cut.” I would dearly love for Pelosi try to explain how people who do not pay taxes receive a tax cut.  When I am unemployed and all my employed friends get a pay cut I don’t get a pay cut.  My income before was 0.  My income afterwards was 0.  Same goes for taxes.  If I paid 0 in taxes before and paid 0 in taxes afterward I did not get a tax cut.  Or, put the proper way, you can’t get a tax cut unless you pay taxes.  Most of the people in the bottom 20% pay little to no federal taxes.  This is directly from the IRS’ own figures.  Basic math, 100-20=80.  Nancy Pelosi Math.  100-20=95.  Yes, I know this is a like from Obama’s stump speeches, doesn’t make it any more true.

“This initiative is funded by the high end.  We call it Astroturf.  It’s not really a grass roots movement.” This initiative is called the Fair Tax.  It was created in the mid-90s and was formally introduced into the House of Representatives on July 17th, 1999! It has since been introduced in every congress by Rep. John Linder.  It has slowly grown in popularity by the efforts of small groups and only recently gained recognition by mass media outlets.  That is the very definition of a grass roots effort!  Mass popularity of the people, put forth by the people in spite of the relative anonymity in the popular mass media.

How does all of this make Nancy Pelosi either a liar or incompetent?  Simple, she was elected into the House of Representatives June 2nd, 1987. 12 years prior to Rep. John Linder introducing HR2525 in 1999.  Furthermore the same bill has been introduced every congress since.  She was minority leader from 2003 to 2007 and is now the Speaker of the House.  She is the presiding representative in the very legislative branch into which the Fair Tax has on the docket for the past 10 years!  2 years as the presiding officer of the entire chamber, and another 4 years as the leading officer of the minority party!

For her not to know about the existence of the Fair Tax with her prominent position within the House means she would have to be utterly incompetent.  If she is not incompetent, and one would hope the presiding officer of the House would not be, then she did know about the Fair Tax and she just lied about its character and its history. Furthermore she either is incapable of understanding what a tax cut is or is lying about the effects of the recent restructing of the tax code.

This is not a false dichotomy.  The facts are easily verifiable by anyone with an internet connection and about 35 minutes of time on Google with 3-4 simple search terms.  Either she knew and lied or she didn’t know proving she is incompetent.  Either way she should be called on it.  It is sad that reporters don’t call her on it when the facts are so simple to check!  It is utterly unconscionable that any elected politician, much less the Speaker of the House of Representatives, would not only utter such bold-faced lies but be allowed to do so without question!

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