Why I Loathe California

I am a Libertarian.  It goes without saying that I would loathe the bluest of the blue states.  I didn’t start out that way.  I essentially grew up in California.  My parents moved us there when I was 7 and I live there until I was in my 30s.  Back when I was a Democrat I didn’t think California was all that bad.  When I left I was cheering the entire drive to Las Vegas.

There are many reasons but the easiest example is the one of Candance, Bubba, Bump, Noah and Sassy.  Because of an obviously idiotic law that no lawmaker in California wants to trouble themselves with removing from the books 5 loved members were separated from the rest of their Tennessee family.  Why?  Here’s the answer direct from the adoption page on petfinder.com.

5 bonded young ferrets from Knoxville – Tennessee owners relocated to California for work and sadly were not aware their beloved pets were criminals in the Golden State– they were stopped at the border and turned back to Reno.  They contacted us and although we are full to the brim– we couldn’t say NO… WE WILL NOT SEPARATE THIS GROUP AND THEY ARE ONLY AVAILABLE TO … A KNOWLEDGABLE HOME– THEY ARE VERY SPECIAL.

California’s legislative and executive feel they know better than their citizens on how their lives should be run.  To the point where they would separate cherished pets from incoming residents.  Pets which pose 0 threat in spite of the claims which keep the idiotic laws on the books.  Unfortunately it will be very hard for these 5 ferrets to find a new home.  Common ferret adoption practice is anywhere between 1 and 3 ferrets, normally to be brought into an already multi-ferret home.

My condolences to the family that lost their ferrets to the power-hungry politicians in California.   I dread losing any of my three ferrets.  I couldn’t imagine loving, and losing, 5 at one time.

My hats off to the Wind & Willows Ferret Shelter in Fallon, Nv for taking them in and giving them a home.  Consider making a donation to this, or a local, ferret shelter.  Here’s what looks to be a decent blanket organization to do so.

And a big fuck you to the state of California.  Both to the politicians who don’t have the common decency to remove the ban on ferrets and the people who don’t hold them to task for their incompitence and laziness.


2 responses to “Why I Loathe California

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  2. Hi,

    As a Ferret owner and blogger I thought you might be interested in a fundraising effort currently underway to produce independent feature length film called the Ferret Squad. Any visibility or support we can get would be fantastic as we have until June 10th to raise the funds at http://www.indiegogo.com/theferretsquad. Please consider sharing this link on your page, it would help us out a lot.

    The Ferret Squad is about a boy who smuggles his pet ferret into California. He meets a group of kids who run an underground ferret rescue and adoption operation, and begins to help them find and save ferrets in need. The movie’s goals are to demonstrate the rules of proper ferret care, the importance of ferret rescues and shelters, and why you should stand up for what you believe in.

    The director Alison Parker, released her first movie last year, an indie short titled Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale. The film was well received by ferret lovers around the world, so much so that the dvd has been ripped and pirated,something that never happens to indie shorts with unknown directors. The movie received a number of awards at the film festivals. Parker hopes to raise awareness about the harsh legislation in California that bans individuals from owning pet ferrets and puts innocent ferrets’ lives at risk. Of all donations made to the campaign, 5% will be donated to LegalizeFerrets.org, to assist them in their fight for the rights of ferret owners in California.

    For more information on the Ferret Squad please see:

    Kind Regards

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