Random Gamer Thought

Why doesn’t have Rock Band 2 have Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” for the drummers?


New Machine Upgrade

For my birthday present my wife gave me the go ahead to upgrade my gaming machine.  Of course this came with the understanding that we’ll be upgrading hers in a few months.  This came after I was on NewEgg pricing out a replacement MB/CPU/RAM/Video Card that would fit in my current case.  When it came time to order I decided to change the specs and cover the extra expenses out of my own pocket.  Of course with those changes came trouble.

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XUbuntu 9.04 on a Dell Latitude CPx

I decided to move my ancient laptop back onto my desk and update to XUbuntu 9.04 from KUbuntu 8.04.  Amazing that a machine that is pushing 10 years old is still able to run an OS released less than a month ago.  Says more about the versatility of Linux than anything else.

Rock Band 2 and Music Appreciation

Compared to most games I play which provide at best transient entertainment, relaxation and happiness (or at worst, make me stay up way too late and distracts me from doing housework) I can honestly say that having purchased and played Rock Band 2 has had a positive influence on my life.  A minor influence, to be sure, but one that I notice from time to time.  I have been listening to music with a different perspective.  I have been picking out the lead guitar, the drums or the bass guitar and if it has some particularly interesting portion to it I can envision what it would look like as that instrument in Rock Band 2.  Some times it is on songs which are already present in the game.  Many times, however, it is not.

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Correction to Kindle 2 Post

Being human I am not immune to making mistakes.  The best I can do is not make mistakes and correct any mistakes that I have made.  My previous post about the Kindle 2 contains an error.  I had written that to read the books we have in common we would have to purchase the book twice. After getting a week to read Kim Harrison’s White Witch, Black Curse on my wife’s Kindle I wanted to make absolutely certain we could not share books between devices.  The FAQ disabused me of my notion that it was not possible. Amazon allows up to 6 Kindles to be registered to the same account and thus share books between the devices.

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New Link – Pandora

Yes, yes, I finally discovered Pandora.  Thus far I quite like it.  Has something to do with my wife telling me to look into Within Temptation in the morning and Pandora playing one of their songs on my test channel that night.  The fact the song sent chills down my spine has nothing to do with it.  …  Ok, maybe a little.  Anyway, new link to “My Other Activities” over yonder.   ——->