Correction to Kindle 2 Post

Being human I am not immune to making mistakes.  The best I can do is not make mistakes and correct any mistakes that I have made.  My previous post about the Kindle 2 contains an error.  I had written that to read the books we have in common we would have to purchase the book twice. After getting a week to read Kim Harrison’s White Witch, Black Curse on my wife’s Kindle I wanted to make absolutely certain we could not share books between devices.  The FAQ disabused me of my notion that it was not possible. Amazon allows up to 6 Kindles to be registered to the same account and thus share books between the devices.

However, I was not entirely incorrect in my assessment.  I was viewing it from the perspective of our iTunes accounts.  In that regard I am still entirely accurate.  Amazon does not allow a Kindle to be registered to multiple accounts in a similar manner that a PC could be authorized on several different accounts.  Because of this my criticism of the Kindle’s DRM still stands.  Sure I could just buy a Kindle and register it on my wife’s account.  The problem, however, is that we have separate accounts because we are separate people with separate preferences and, thus, differing notions of what we would like suggested to us.  While over half of our reading is shared slightly under half is not.  So we can either have shared books or book suggestions which are tuned to our reading habits… but not both.

I really want to like it.  I really do.  But this is still a show stopper.  As a result Barnes & Noble has received more of my business as another several books are shipped my way.


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