Answering Two Common Arguments For Gun Control

In the past month the issue of gun control has come up in two different Atheist RSS feeds I track.  The first being in the post, “Bang bang shoot shoot!” on the Athest Experience Blog.  The second is “Pastor Urges His Flock to Bring Guns to Church” over on Why gun control is coming up in relation to Atheism is troublesome.  I certainly don’t see a tie between the two.

In both conversations the same two arguments in favor of gun control (bans) came up.  In their most basic form the are this:

1: I don’t want people around be to be able to shoot me because they’re having a bad day.

2: The UK, which outlawed guns, has a lower instance of gun related deaths than the US!

These are so common I’ve decided to address them here and henceforth any time someone brings them up I can save time by just offering up these rebuttals they should already be aware of.  So here goes.

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Why Liberals and Libertarians Are Different

Excellent explanation between Liberal and Libertarian in American politics and why the two just can’t get along.  It is certainly why I have at times had the inenviable position of defending George W. Bush and railing against Barack Obama.