Ferretocious Censorship

Recently the admin of a forum called a message I posted “rude and condescending” along with a non-too-veiled threat that her opinion was all that mattered since she was the admin…

I just found Greyed’s “I dunno. I watched your cage tour and wasn’t impressed with the cage” a bit rude and condescending. You might want to be a bit more careful considering this is my forum.

When I answered her message she promptly deleted it even though it addressed some serious issues and fallacies.  I confirmed in private that she did intend to delete the message.  It was because she was tired of arguing with a “junior” ferret owner.  She reminded me that there are plenty of other forums.  And there are…  Like mine.  So for any Ferretocious Forum posters who read that little outburst, here’s my (reconstructed) rebuttal.

The Ferret Nation is a cheaper cage – both in cost and quality. How many shelters, for example, use Ferret Nation cages?

I never said it was or was not used by shelters.

So believe what you want to believe but the Quality Cage is just that – QUALITY – not an overpriced wannabe. There isn’t a square inch of my Quality Cage I can’t clean.

Nor did I ever say that it was not a quality cage, was overpriced nor a wannabe of anything. I also didn’t say that you could not clean the cage. I stated my honest opinion. The cage did not impress me and I explained the reasons for my opinion.  That being that I found that a cage which does not open completely like the Ferret Nation cage does would be to limiting for me.

The Ferret Nation cage has other issues as well. The levels are not solid. So this leaves the chance of ferrets falling from the levels. This might not harm a young, healthy ferret but what if you have older or sick ferrets? Quality Cages are solid floors with lofts that lead down to the next level.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. The floors of my FN cage are solid. They are also quite sturdy. I can press down them with considerable force and while they have some give they certainly aren’t going to dump a ferret. The distance is not that great if you mean the half-levels allow the ferrets to climb up and down.

Here’s some comments from others:

(Comments from others will be denoted by the quotations.)

“Ferrets poop through the cage. It gets between the pan and cage as well causing a mess. The bottom pan should have high sides.”

This is a non-issue from what appears to be a first time ferret owner who is under the misguided perception that the pan at the bottom of the FN cage is there to hold litter. As any ferret owner knows ferret litter pans have high backs. QC cage does not have a pan so the same issue applies to the QC. (Note: that was my original argument, Ferretocious has since pointed out that the cage is below the bare metal grill of the QC. This does not invalidate my point that the QC cage does not have something preventing poop from falling over the edge.)

“…one got her foot caught on the edge of the shelf and was hanging upside down screaming. Praise the Lord we were sitting right there and were able to free her and she was alright…”

Again, a non-issue and quite dishonest to cite here as I had not only pointed out this flaw in a previous post along with the fact that the FN manufacturer has since redesigned the shelves and offers free replacements to owners who have the older, dangerous shelving design.

“my chinchilla Toby recently got his leg caught somewhere in the cage (possibly the ladder) and broke it so severely that it had to be amputated.”

The owner isn’t sure if it was the shelf (which has been addressed) or the ramps (ladder). If it were the ladder it could have happened in a QC cage just as easily since the QC ramps, just like FN ramps, are an open wire design. The difference is that the QC ramps have vertical bars while the FN ramps do not. However the holes in the QC cage definitely does not make it impossible for a foot to get caught. So if it was a foot getting caught in a ramp it could have happened in a QC cage as well.

“The Ferret Nation is also ridiculously difficult to put together. Pieces will fit awkardly, fall open, and a list of frustrations will begin to make itself known after the package is opened.”

My wife and I bought ours second hand. We had to disassemble the cage to transport to our house and reassemble it there. We did so with no directions. It was simple to put together and is one of the sturdiest pieces of furniture in our house. It can hold my weight and I am not a light man! It’s more secure than our ladders!

“the pan for this cage is too shallow. when i first got this cage for my two darling ferrets, i was very excited about it but then i quickly realized that all the ferret poop was spraying out the cage and onto my wall and floor”

Repeat of the poop comment, again by what appears to me as an inexperienced ferret owner.

“Also BIG WARNING, Merlyn, in the quest of a strawberry banana yogie last night, can indeed get his head and shoulders through the bars. He is about the size of a small to medium sized girl and is probably around 250-350 grams. I think he can only do this on the bars at the very edges, by the corners, because they are spaced further apart than the rest of the bars. He can still get his head through the rest of them though.”

This is something that every ferret owner will have to deal with on most cages. IE, seeing how their ferrets navigate the cage as each ferret and each cage will present challenges. I will admit that the QC cage’s walls have a tighter grill. However, this poses it’s own problems which I will get to below. However note that the FN bars do not have a larger spread by the corners and it is the recommended width for ferrets.

(back to Ferretiocious’ comments)

I know someone else on the FML had a small ferret climb up the side of the cage and was found hanging dead after strangling itself in the bars. Something like this would never happen in the Quality Cage since the bars are both vertical and horizontal – forming a grid of small squares that even the smallest ferret can’t squeeze through.

While tighter horizontal bars would prevent the rare instance of a ferret that is able to climb the FN cage (FN vertical placement is 6″) and then get stuck between the bars it would make it easier for a ferret to climb the cage. An issue that was a problem with our older Super Pet cages which had the smaller space between vertical bars. As a result our youngest ferret, Fex, would climb to the top of the cage and would have no way down but jumping. Now, if your concerns about the approximately one foot that a ferret could fall from the half-shelf to a full shelf what does a fall of 5 feet represent? A greater change of injury or accidental death.

I never said the Quality Cage was a bad cage. I never said it was better or worse than a Ferret Nation cage. I said that I, personally, was not impressed with the cage and have since had to point out the misconceptions and falsehoods of your seemingly personal crusade against Ferret Nation cages. The fact that there are many reports of issues with the Ferret Nation cages does not surprise me nor does it concern me. As I stated before it is to be expected because there are more Ferret Nation cage owners than there are Quality Cage owners. This is chiefly because FN cages are sold as a premium cage in pet stores nation wide while the QC cages are, from what I can determine, only available through mail order. What matters here is not the number of reports of issues with FN cages but the ratio of issues to the number of cages in use. It’s called Per Capita.

A cage with the potential to cause injury or death? And poop going between the cage and the pan or on the walls? Now that’s something I’M not “too impressed” with!

Which is your perogative. One which I respect even while I respectfully disagree. I’m sorry, but when someone expresses an opinion counter to yours, it isn’t them being rude and condescending. Furthermore when they are honestly, openly and without malice discussing the issue with you and doing so by providing facts and expressing their views on the matter, that isn’t rude and condescending, either. It certainly is a far sight better than censoring people who disagree with your opinion and justify it not with the fact they were wrong but because the are beneath you. That is the definition of rude and condescending.

Disagree with me.  Point out where I’m wrong (which you have in some cases).  But don’t censor me just because I disagree with you.  And certainly don’t do so after you setup a strawman with my name and knock it down.


4 responses to “Ferretocious Censorship

  1. Guess what? Posting this link to lure people to your forum from mine and your overall idiocy has earned you being banned from the forum – ta ta!

    • No less than I expected. People who cannot handle people disagreeing with them often resort to censorship and outright bans. Doesn’t make them right, fair or just. You know, there were ways to handle the issue without being so rude and condescending about it. You, however, chose the worst possible method to do so. I make no apologies for not accepting that and stand both by my actions, which were mild compared to yours, and my statements about our cages, which were far more accurate than yours.

    • You know, the more I think about it the more I want to address your verbage here. It is a prime example of what I meant above. You say that I posted a link to “lure people to your forum.” There are 3 problems with that.

      First, as anyone could tell you, this isn’t a forum. This is a blog. Unlike a forum people other than myself cannot create a new post. They can comment on what I have to say but that’s it.

      Second, I joined your forums on 4/7/2009. Within 1-2 days of joining a new forum I set up my profile including my avatar, filling out the “homepage” link (which points here) and where appropriate I include links to my web presence which may be of interest to people of that forum in my signature. An extremely common practice, I assure you. That means I had a link to this blog in your forum’s sanctioned link section for at least 2 months. I furthermore had links to my ferret related Picasa page and to my ferret related posts here. In short I had 3 links to my non-Ferretocious pages for over 2 months and you didn’t object, not once.

      Third, I plainly state up top that I am reposting my message because you decided to delete it on your forum. You explicitly told me there are other places I can go if so inclined.

      In short, adding one more link to my signature after having no less than 2 links to this blog for the past 2 months couldn’t be construed as “luring” people by any stretch of the imagination. Certainly no more than the links you had absolutely no problems with prior to my expressing an opinion contrary to yours. I mean, really, if I hadn’t posted a direct link would you have still banned me once someone perused my ferret related posts and stumbled across that post?

      I live in Las Vegas and even I wouldn’t be dumb enough to bet on No.

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