Vegas in June? Excellent!

Well, this evening was the annual celebration of my birth (2 days late, but work intervened).  Another circle around the sun complete.  OK, ellipse, shush all astrophysicist geeks.  Tonight the wife treated me to Lucille’s BBQ next to Green Valley Ranch.  The pulled pork was excellent, the brisket very good and two extremely large mugs of mostly rum with some fruit flavoring meant the rest of the evening went quite well.  The best part, however, was that we were seated outside.  Normally outside in Vegas in June, even at 7:30pm, means we’d be cooking right along with the food.  Tonight was 80F, if that, and with off-and-on drizzles throughout dinner.  Our seating was open-air but covered.  So we weren’t drizzled on but the light rain on the roof was soothing, the smell of rain was nice and the breezes that came with the precipitation were refreshing.  I couldn’t think of a better setting or better food.  Yay for my wife!


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