Great Firefox Addon For The Mini

Compact Menu 2 replaces the menu bar with a single icon.  This saves a good 20-30 pixels of vertical screen space in Firefox.  Much needed space on the Mini’s small display.


Yay, Mini 10v! Boo, 1 Month Order Time!

In my last post I described how voting via commerce is not a precise way to convey preferences.  Even so I still tailor my purchases on the off chance that purchasing one product or another will provide sufficient support for the market to shift in a way I desire.  I have been eyeing a Dell Mini 9 for over a year now.  Not because it is a sleek Netbook but because Dell is the first major PC manufacturer to embrace Linux on their desktops, laptops and netbooks.  I wanted to reward them with my business but needed to do so in a way that let them know it was Linux, not their hardware, which brought me to their doors.  Sometimes, however, principles can be so frustrating!

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Massively Forgotten Features – UI Programming (Video)

This is the video version of the blog I wrote near the beginning of the year.  It has to do with UI programming, what it is, and how it benefits MMOs.  Since the UI is so visual having a video version seemed a natural idea.

Here’s the original blog post which goes into far more detail than the time I had for this video.