NewbSL 1

Sometimes the more experienced TG squad leaders’ squads fill up before I can get in.  When I’m left as an odd man out I figure what better time to get some squad lead practice time?  So I form a squad and name it “NewbSL” so people know exactly what they’re getting into.  Not a lot of exciting action, just some casual teamwork.  Here’s a video of one of those squads during a round of Tunis Harbor on the PAC side, Aug 4th, 2009.

We had been pushing for Power Station but once Eastern came under heavy pressure we fell back to defend it.  We lost it.  The EU had all three flags.  This is where the video picks up.  The CO had my squad tasked for first capturing then defending Eastern.  Something that we did for the rest of the round.  We lost the round by approximately 90 tickets.

My mic didn’t record so turn annotations on; I’ll be annotating with approximately what I was saying.  I’ll have to fix that for my next video.

I know I’ll probably catch crap for it but the music is Enigma‘s “Back to the Rivers of Belief” off “MCMXC a.D.”  I wanted something there but didn’t want to default to the BF2142 theme.  Excellent as it is in BF2142 gameplay videos it’s a tad over done.


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