Misconceptions of Runes of Magic Pricing

I’ve been playing Runes of Magic lately and the same misconception comes up about its pricing scheme.  Normally this criticism is leveled against RoM by World of Warcraft players.  So this is a comparison of the two to show two things.

1: That “Free to play” does not mean “Completely free” and…
2: The portions of Runes of Magic that one has to pay for, the portions that World of Warcraft players take issue with, are entirely reasonable when compared to World of Warcraft’s pricing scheme once one does the math.

Please note.  I play both games currently and am not saying one is better than the other.  Only trying to disabuse the unreasonable issues some WoW players have with RoM’s pricing model.  No more, no less.  Take the WoW/RoM rules/sucks tripe elsewhere, thanks!


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