Dell Delivers Ubuntu

Well, actually, Fedex delivers.  Dell shipped.  Apparently Dell’s spidey sense tingled and they shipped my Mini 10v a few weeks early.  It just arrived and like any good geek with a new gadget I wasted no time in playing with my new toy.  😀

The first bootup was swift.  A few key entries for localization and setting up my user account and then straight into the desktop.  Seeing as I am a Linux geek who can measure his experience in decades I just turned off the dekstop Dell ships.  Not that I don’t think it isn’t decent, I did twiddle with it for a minute or two.  But I am well beyond that.

As this is the first bootup I’m running on AC power so no idea how long the battery will last.  When ordering did poke around trying to figure it out and I estimate just shy of 3 hours on this 3 cell battery.  I will have to see sometime in the future.

The desktop is 8.04 Ubuntu.  IE, GNome.  Not my cup of tea but I’ll make do with it for now.  I may consider throwing UNR on this at a later date.  However without an optical drive I’ll have to invest in a fair sized USB stick and investigate on how to load Linux off of that.  I wonder if XUbuntu comes with a UNR flavor?

The wireless networking started up perfectly fine.  Had to enter the entire key instead of just the generating string but that was no hassle compared to the troubles my aged CPx gave me w/wireless.  Already installed TBird, copied over some of my normal shell files and updated packages.

The only surprise so far has been that the Mini shipped without any swap space configured.  A few quick commands and the base 1Gb of RAM now has 512MB of swap to go with it.  That’s more space than I dedicate to my Linux VMs on other machines!

Oh, yeah, and wrote a blog entry about how I got my Mini 10v with Linux preloaded.  The keyboard is quite usable.  😉


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