Mini 10v After 2 Days

Well, I’ve had my Dell Mini 10v for two days now.  Here’s a list of thoughts about it in no particular order.

I estimated the battery would last approximately 3 hours.  I pulled it off the power supply (browsing in bed for the win) and I think I got about 2h40m before it gave me the 10% battery life warning.  Not too bad at all.

I hope Ubuntu polishes the Maximus package or makes it a recommends instead of depends.  While I can see the appeal of having windows automatically maximize on a screen this small I didn’t like it and had a bear of a time turning it off.  In the end I went with the following targetted brute force method: sudo chmod 000 /usr/sbin/maximus

Having Linux on a machine this small is a dream.  For productivity work I’ve been a Linux user for going on a decade.  Having my preferred environment, tools and capabilities right from the start is excellent.  Having all of that along with all the hardware working out of the box is even better.

I’m glad Dell made it so we could turn off the idiotic “tap for mouse button press” on the touchpad.  I’m no fan of touchpads but at least with that annoyance turned off I’m no longer making my cursor jump to random places on the screen when I type.

8.04 might be LTS but already I’ve hit two pieces of software that are out-of-date.  Pidgin is on v2.4.3 and unable to connect to Yahoo.  AdBlock+ is back on the 0.7 series and portions of the current set of filters also don’t work.  Adblock+ was easy enough to get around, just install the latest version.  Fortunately Firefox has been updated in that time.  But Pidgin might take a tad more work.

They keyboard didn’t take much getting used to.  I was surprised until I remembered I used to have fold out keyboards for my Palm and Axim.  Same form factor, really.  Great feel to it.

The webcam works!  Tested it out with Samson.  No, I didn’t save the video.  😀

All-in-all I am happy I purchased this machine from Dell instead of nabbing an XP machine from the local Best Buy and throwing UNR onto it.  I might still do that with this machine depending on how many other out-of-date issues I run into.  But on the whole, a great little machine that easily meets my expectations of it.  😀


3 responses to “Mini 10v After 2 Days

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  2. Just a quick follow-up. The Pidgin developers have a PPA repository which included an LPIA compile of the latest Pidgin. I added their repository in to my sources.apt file, fetched the latest repo files, updated Pidgin and, tadaaaa, connectivity to Y!Chat restored.

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