Samson Update

My ferret, Samson, had to have surgery a month or so ago.  In my blog I mentioned him needing the surgery but never the outcome.  So it became my excuse to play with the webcam in my new Dell Mini 10v.


6 responses to “Samson Update

  1. What hams…both of you. I’m so glad that he’s better. Aries is doing OK, my sister got him a girlfriend. Next time I go over, I’ll try to remember my camera.
    Take care. Fred

    • First it’s one ferret, then two, then OMG a dozen! Heh. We’ve been debating off and on about getting another ferret. I keep an eye on Craigslist for any ad mentioning ferrets and have seen some good candidates for rescues. However by the time we decide we’ll try for them they have been snatched up.

  2. OMG Samson is so cute!

    (Don’t mind me, just looking around your blog and decided to click on the Ferret tab — because I love ferrets — and saw this :P)

    • That he is. Samson is our little ferret ambassador. He’s still romping around with his buds. Though sometime after this video he apparently joined the Fur Club for Ferrets. His tail, which looks like a rat’s tail in this video, is all fluffy now and his belly is fluffed out, too. He’s doing pretty good for a fert approaching his 7th birthday.

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