Function Keys Are For Functions!

I just want to know what it is with hardware developers that think that Function Keys, the keys that have been on keyboards longer than quite a few of the other keys (shift, on both sides, are you kidding me!?) are just little used things hanging out at the top of the keyboard.  Maybe it’s just me but I use the darn things as function keys all the time.  Yet my Logitech Elite defaults to them being used for New, Reply, Forward and Send, just to name F1-F4.  I have never used these functions yet every single time I boot up my machine I have to toggle the “Function Lock” button to make my Function keys have their original function!

In the same vein there’s my Mini 10v from Dell.  I don’t regret buying it one bit.  But I want to meet the upper management genius who felt that I would use Internal/External Monitor, WiFi on/off, Display Battery Life and Dim Screen more often than F1-F4!  I have to hit the Fn button to get my Function keys to have their original  function!  As if Alt-F4 (you know, close window) weren’t interesting enough on a 92% keyboard with 1/2 height function keys I know have to contort my hand to chord Alt-Fn-F4.

Geez, this reminds me of the tripe that my MX Revolution MMB is.

Hey! Hardware designers!  I’ve given up on getting a keyboard without the useless media/web buttons that just collect dust and grime.  I can live with those because they are extra and thus do not interfere with normal keyboard keys.  Got that?  Do not interfere with the normal keyboard keys! If you want to overload them for other cutesy functions then make the 20-30 year, standard functions, the primary function of the key.  Your cutesy, trying to fill out the feature checklist on the back of the packaging are secondary!


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