Aion, Spam & the lack of counter tools

I just had it today, a week into Aion and the spam is getting to me.  So, I took a couple of hours of play time to record, render and upload a video rant on how horrible Aion’s tools are for dealing with this issue of gold spammers in game.

Yes, I know about /anon.  Disabling that is not acceptable as it also prevents other people from finding us.  The price of having that limited social function turned on should not be endless spam.

Also, yes, Aion has been out 6 months in Korea and China.  I am well aware that it has only been out 9 days in NA (including the head start) but the game has been released in the world for 6 months.  Are ya trying to tell me that Korea and China somehow, magically, don’t have gold spam problems?  Pft.


One response to “Aion, Spam & the lack of counter tools

  1. Quick update. The 10/01/09 update to Aion now has an option to block when clicking on a name. It helps for the spammers that hit the class/lfg/general channels but still not an easy way to report them.

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