Obama, Nobel Peace Prize, Racism

Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize and Racism.  The trifecta!  But this is not the normal rant on the matter.

Do I think Obama should have gotten the Nobel Peace prize?  No.  But he is not to blame for their choice.  They chose him for clearly political reasons because, honestly, he hasn’t done anything to deserve it.  No matter what your political leaning that is evident.  To a right-winger he has done active harm to America.  To the leftist none of his proposed policies have gone through.  So they clearly chose him for other reasons; namely an atta boy for America for swinging back to the left.  Or… whatever.

But this is going to cause problems in the future.  Why?  Because with all the hype built up around his campaign, his presidency and now the prize there is no way he can live up to the totality of it.  By any measure he is going to fail.

The problem, however, is going to come next time there is a Black presidential candidate.  Obama’s mediocrity is going to be the measure of that man or woman’s potential.  Regardless of their actual potential they will be forever tainted solely because of their race.

The troubling part is can people really call it racism?  Yes, they are going to be pre-judging those people base on race.  However, since Obama’s race was made such a large issue this time around can anyone really help not drawing that conclusion the next time around?

The Nobel commitee did him no favors playing their little political games.  They have done more harm than good.  Of course, if anyone had any sense they would stop paying attention to anything the Nobel commitee does these days.  Why?  1 name, 1 year.

Yasser Arafat, 1994.


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