Star Trek Online, 1 Week On

It’s growing on me. An hour or two here and there. Probably will pick up once I can get my Cruiser. The starter ship just makes me a sad panda.

But I agree, my main complaint right now is the complete lack of concrete information. There’s nothing in game that explains clearly and concisely what the stats do. I think they system is wonderfully complex; it provides many ways to customize things to your exact playstyle. But the lack of information is epic facepalm inducing.

The only other gripe I have, so far, is the notion that we get to set one, and only one, bank fore and aft to autofire. Ok, great, but the notion of slapping space while manipulating everything else on the keyboard doesn’t increase my enjoyment of the game one iota. I get that they don’t want the player to be disconnected from combat but even at Lt9 I have plenty to occupy my time. I’ve gotten into the habit so bad that I slap space even though my only 2 beam banks fore and aft are already set to autofire! Yes, it serves no purpose yet I still do it!

Besides, when did a captain ever say “Fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire” every 4 seconds. Never. He would give a blanket order to his bridge crew (which we get, go fig!) to fire once. It implicitly meant, “Keep firing, assholes!” Wait, wrong movie. It meant, “Keep firing until I say ‘Cease fire!'” For the weapons that are more about opportune moments (Torps), have another button which the player has to press when they feel the time is right.

Just let me link like weapons together and set any of those linked weapons to autofire and/or a single button press. Beams with beams, torps with torps. Engaging combat, no button mashing.


(Originally posted on The Old Timer’s Guild forums)


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