Slight Change to Mini Apps

Recently I moved from Dell’s remix of Ubuntu 8.04 to UNR 9.10.  I still have some problems with the annotations of Youtube videos but decided that it wasn’t worth worrying about.  Mainly that is because of the HTML5 beta on Youtube.

It required moving from Firefox to Chrome to work.  Chrome is a tad snappier on this machine in general.  However videos playing through HTML5 use 50% less CPU than the Flash counterparts.  Given that most of my Youtube viewing is done through this machine that helps immensely; a lot less stuttering.  However annotations don’t yet work on HTML5.  So the fact that they flicker on the Flash versions under 9.10 doesn’t much bother me at this point.  😉

I still use Firefox on my main gaming rig and for some sites on the Mini.


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