Quitting Star Trek Online

I canceled my STO account yesterday.  The lack of polish really got to me.  I did not like how basic information on how items and skills interacted was, if not impossible to find, so well hidden it might as well not be present at all.

Also I came to dread ground based missions.  Mowing through 20 groups of 5 mobs a piece all the while pressing “1” is not my idea of a good time.  Grindy, boring, loathsome.

Space combat was a tad better.  It, too, was grindy and simplistic.  Swat 3 ships that can barely touch you… 5 times.  *sigh*  Above all there was on real control to the type of encounters I had to go through.

All of this was solidified in my mind after I decided to give Pirates of the Burning Sea another try during the current free-for-former-players period.  Ship combat is much more satisfying, I can see how items and powers interact without having to pull the game’s teeth and while ground combat is nothing special at least it isn’t as pervasive (or dreaded) as “1, 1, 1, 1, 1” is in STO.  Yes, yes, I actually had to use more than one power to defeat those dastardly pirates in sword combat!

In a nutshell, STO was released too early, too little polish, and what parts kinda-sorta work were done better in PotBS 2 years ago.


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