Spring Hath Sprung?

March is half gone and many of my friends have written how spring has arrived for them.  Normally it is about sunny days, mild temperatures, parks, picnics and such.  To me spring does not arrive with any of those things.  I live life in reverse.

I work the graveyard shift.  Sunny days just mean the curtains drawn tighter.  Mild daytime temperatures mean an uncomfortable time when a blanket is too much but just a sheet is too little.  It’s not warm enough to run the AC or cool enough to run the heater.  Either would settle the matter nicely.

I live in Las Vegas.  I dread the approaching summer much like most people experience dread in fall at the thought of the approaching winter.  Winters here are quite pleasant.  Summers, however, are horrible.  Just because it is a dry heat doesn’t mean it isn’t fucking hot!  It’s far easier to throw on a jacket and some gloves than it is to strip out of my skin.

No, spring to me is not temperate days and picnics in the park.  It is moderate nights.  The sounds of the city drifting in through my window as read a book, a fan providing all the breeze I need.  Spring is identical to fall in that regard.  A time to open up the house at night and be comfortable.  Certainly not what others look forward to this season.  I live life in reverse.


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