We’re Not Dead Yet!

BF2142 has taken a hit to its population lately. First there was a horrible lag issue which EA finally cleared up. Then BC2 came which siphoned off some BF2142 players. But rest assured, BF2142 is still played in a tactical manner. We’re not dead yet!

Here’s a round of Verdun, Infantry only, from March 4th, 2010 on the Tactical Gamer sever. The whole round was under 10 minutes so here’s the whole thing from first spawn in to final kill.

On the technical side this was my most polished video yet. Wonderful Intro/Outro provided by the TG community, multiple angles, etc… And yet I still can’t get my mic recorded. I did speak but it was all xXOZXx’s voice in the video.

Join us at http://www.tacticalgamer.com/


2 responses to “We’re Not Dead Yet!

    • Yup. BC2 is the golden child of the BF franchise right now because it’s shiny and new. I admit, BC2 is fun and it has some good things going for it. But BF2142, to me, is the best of the franchise right now because it hits that perfect mix of tactical gameplay, in-game tools to facilitate that gameplay and the setting to forgive some of its transgressions. 🙂

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