Past Post – Planning My Saddle Sore 1000

(Originally posted on the IBA forums, June 30th, 2005.  Posting the ride report tomorrow…)

Hello.  Quick motorcycle bio for the first post, then onto the meat.

I’ve been riding for 1/2 my life.  I’ve seen some posts here about newly minted 50s getting into LDR so hopefully this newly minted 30-something can keep up with his elders.  😉  Most of my riding has been commuting with the longest rides being in the 350-400 mile range.

Last week a friend of mine asked my advice about a bike purchase and whilst looking up bikes for him to think about (Pacific Coast) I ran across Robert Broeking’s Rider reports.  From there I spent hours reading about the IBA and the Utah 1088 and thinking “Oh, yeah, I gotta get into this!”  Love riding, love driving, at one time was a long-haul truck driver so if eating up the miles in one land vehicle or another isn’t in my blood by birth I certainly got infected somewhere along the line.  😀

My desire right now is simple, a SS1000.  That’s it.  All other certs and rallies (points or no) are best held until after that first stepping stone.  I’d love to ride in the Red Hot Riders Baby Butt in September but I think putting together an SS1000 ride, attitude and endurance in 3 short months would be pushing it.  So the current plan is to run my own SS1000 later in the fall or spring of next year.


The route I have in mind is a loop that starts and ends in Henderson, Nv (hometown) with the far point being the Stockton muni airport.  Wife being the witness on this end for start/finish, parents providing witness on the far end.

Route out is up 95 up to 266 into Ca, 168 to 395 then north through Bishop to 120 across Yosemite and finally into Stockton.

Route back is down I-5 to 58 in Bakersfield, up over Tahachapi into Barstow, pick up I-15 up to Vegas and then back over to Henderson.

Streets and Trips pegs that route as 1025 miles.  The theories I’m operating on are this:  Make it a loop so no virtually no part is repeated and each mile is new and interesting.  Stockton is the cutout as if I feel I can’t make the return leg I can just lay up with my parents for a rest and return later.  The return leg is all interstate so the miles are eaten up quickly.

My only concerns with the route is if 1025 is enough padding to ensure 1000 for confirmation and if I should flip the legs so that the return leg is comprised of interesting roads to give myself something to concentrate on and stave off possible zone-outs.


The ride’ll be made on an ’02 ST-1100.  So far it is stock save for my Throttlemeister.  I know I need to get some form of tunes on it or I’ll go insane on the return leg.  I’d like to get a CB in there but am unsure on mounting or how to get anything into my helmet.

Speaking of which it is a full-face, Shoei TZ-1.  Only full-faced the shop had that would fit my big head.  😉  Anyway, not a lot of room near the jaw to slip anything by so a mic for the CB would be rough.  I’m still trying to figure out the logistics of hydration.

Hydration I’m thinking of going with a Camelbak mounted/bungied to the 2nd seat with tubing to the front and a bite do-dad. Read all about it on several rider reports but will certainly have to look into it in the weeks ahead.

Biggest equipment problem right now is clothing.  I’d like to have something better than my street clothes and a leather jacket but I’m not a small boy.  I’ve looked at Aertostich, REI and LLBean gear and all of their on-line catalogs stop about 6″ short on my waist.  Anyone have any recommendations on where to get good outerwear for larger guys?


The plan right now is to work up my endurance.  I know this isn’t going to be like 10 hours straight in the air-ride seat of a big-rig with cab suspension.  I’m thinking a nice 2-hour ride around the mountains near Vegas would be a good work-up and slowly extend from there after I nail the hydration.  After that start adding gear and finding what works, what doesn’t work and where everything fits.

So, sound like a solid plan for being months, if not 1/2 year off?  Any glaring problem I might be overlooking?  Any advice?


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