Dropping Global Agenda

I might poke at it every now and again in the future but tonight I had the match that broke the camels back. There are severe imbalance issues in GA which have gone unresolved since launch. Tonight one of those came to a head. 4 medics on defense on a Payload map.

I have a full-damage spec Magma build. I cannot put out any more damage in any practical capacity. Epic Magma w/epic damage mod, full AoE damage spec on skills, epic emp ‘nade with blue damage mod, stock conc nade (haven’t had a higher one drop yet) and epic power stim with blue CD mod.

I couldn’t kill one of the medics. Seriously. If they are healing each other they are impossible to damage. I would hit one dead on for max damage and before my next rocket fired the medic’s health would be topped off. With 4 of the little buggers running around it was hard to keep track of the one, at the moment, who wasn’t in the medic circle jerk. The only more burst damage I can pour on is to swap out to my blue Tremor (w/blue damage mod), pop the nades, powerstim and then 10-12 tremor nades. I doubt that would have helped.

I wouldn’t mind so much except it was like they never ran out of power! I shoot 5 rockets and I have to sit there for 15s for my energy to recharge. Meanwhile at their heal rate they can heal 1 rocket in about 1.5s and, from personal experience with my baby medic, heal for 30-45 seconds non-stop. So, by my rough math, they can heal ~20-30 rockets worth of damage before running out of energy. That same energy takes me 1-1.5 minutes to generate, ignoring the time it takes to fire.

Yeah, heal at comparable to my damage rate for 4-5 times as long? Sure, that’s balanced. (note, heavy sarcasm) How did that round go? Oh, we could get out the gate we just couldn’t kill all 4 medics long enough for the payload to move. We got to the mouth of the tunnel, once. I did 152,000 damage in the, what, 6 minutes they give for the first point? 152,000 damage and I had a whole 2 kills, neither a medic. Normally when I pull 152k in 6 minutes I’m edging in on my 10th kill.

I’ve complained about the power issues before. Damage is way too low compared to repairing as well. I can only take down a robo nest with judicious use of my cooldowns. Meanwhile he can heal through dedicated fire from 2-3 of the opposing team.

So after that round I quit, immediately went into TF2, and was reminded about how fun a well balanced game is. Sure some rounds can be steamrolls but you know what, at least there is rarely a combo which is so utterly, stupidly, broken as to render the other team’s damage output completely meaningless.


6 responses to “Dropping Global Agenda

  1. I think I still have a GA trial key from a while ago, that I never got around to using.

    It does sound like a pretty fun game, though from what I’ve read around the blogosphere and in your article here, class imbalance is the main problem making a lot of players very frustrated. This was an issue I’ve read about even from before launch…I guess the fixes (if any) haven’t been very effective.

  2. There haven’t been any for the issues I have. There was a recent rebalancing of one medic power which was just introduced. But the basic balance between damage per energy vs. healing per energy has been pretty much constant since launch.

    That and the fact that AvA has never worked from the start makes it hard to want to stick with the game. APB is far more simplistic but will probably be more fun in the long run. We’ll see.

    I just long for the next MMOFPS. I just wanna take these developers who are trying to MMOize FPSes by instancing them and point them to Planetside. Give us that, dammit! 😀

    • Heh~ Medic is my favorite class to play and its rare that 4 medics play together in a mercenary match. But if they do, its really fun and yer right that its hard to do damage because that’s the medic’s main defense — healing. I think the game is very balanced and usually medics get two-shooted by a launcher or sniper. What you describe sounds like a win!

      Also, AvA is much better now. I think if they keep making adjustments to it with every season, it will work before too long.

      • Actually to take down a medic who is actively healing with a biofeedback gun takes 4 solid hits. I get 5 out of my launcher. So most medic kills are actually when I burst damage. EMP ‘nade, +Conc ‘nade, +4-5 rockets. That sometimes does the trick. But really it feels like dumb luck most of the time.

        AvA, hate to disagree, but it is more broken in 1.3 than ever before. Protocol has shown how broken it is. They own 1/2 the expanded map. The leader (or at least the person posting to the forums) explains exactly why they are able to hold on to it. Reasons which not only make sense but are highly obvious. Because of this not only do they own half the map but in the past 4-5 nights, during prime time, when I looked at the conquest map there were 0 battles going on, 0 locked out hexes (no battles in the immediate past) and what looked like no open hexes.

        AvA with that set of conditions during prime time is, by definition, broken. 1.2 at least had battles going on. I even got in on a few. 😉

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