Dropping XFire for Raptr.

After oh, a year or so of using XFire I am dropping it in favor of Raptr.  There were several reasons for this, but only one major reason:

  • XFire is PC only.  Raptr can import from XBox Live, PS3 and XFire.  End result, a much more comprehensive view of your gaming.

If I am tracking my gaming stats I want to see ’em all.  Besides, this goes a long way in convincing people that I really do own an XBox360 and I really don’t game on it all that much.

For those who care here’s my Raptr Profile.


One response to “Dropping XFire for Raptr.

  1. I haven’t fired up Raptr in a while so my numbers are all off now, but it was very helpful in summarizing how much time I play each game. It helped me make the decision to drop STO when I found out I only played it for 5 hours one month, and I found it was more accurate that the tracker in game when I played Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox.

    I’m going to go ahead and add you now 😛

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