Well, Almost What I Wanted

A few days ago I posted that I found out there’s a ferret pet in RoM that I simply had to have.  Well, today I came close to finding it on the auction house.  I found the Ystra Snow Ferret pet.  Not the real, wardancing on-the-ground ferret pet I want but a darn close second.  I decided to name him Totti after the companion to Punpui, the subject of the video in the previous post.  Totti and Punpui are two ferret Youtube stars from Japan.  Sadly, Totti died a few weeks ago.  So it is fitting that this winged ferret bear his name.  😉

For the record (IE, to explain to my wife) the grounded ferts I find in game are going to bear our fuzzies’ names.  Fex, Aesa and Samson.


One response to “Well, Almost What I Wanted

  1. There is a a pet ferret in ROM, it’s called a Jonesy. It’s an albino ferret that walks on the ground, though it’s not a mob in game, it does show up from time to time when you catch a Magic Cavy.

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