Sometimes Technology Astounds Me

I just had one of those moments where the technology I am using in such a sanguine manner astounded me.

12 years ago the coolest thing I did as a geek was to work on my machine at home.  See, I was doing so while at work using VNC across a 14.4kbps dial-up connection.  It was horribly slow but oh-so-cool.

Today I just used VNC in much the same manner.  I VNCed into a machine to start my media application so my wife an I can watch videos on the XBox tonight.  Except the machine which the VNC client was running was a virtual machine (VM).  Its connection is an encrypted VPN tunnel to another machine which is, itself, a VM.  From there the connection went to my main home Linux box which is headless so the VNC display is itself virtual.  Finally the media application doesn’t run on Linux so I have a WindowsXP VM in which to run it.

Connecting from a VM to VM on a virtual display accessed across a VPN run on a VM intermediary.

Makes me wonder what I’ll be doing with technology in 12 years time.


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