Need Time Travel NOW!

Homina, homina, homina….   Wow!  Just watch, more below.  Watch in 720p if you can.

Yikes!  Star Wars might be in my blood, Guild Wars never really caught my fancy, but this is video, this title, has me hooked.  I’m sure the hype will far outshadow what they can do but the fact they are trying matters.  Because even if it falls short, it is progress.  Progress than another company or they themselves can later build upon.

“The most important thing in any game should be the player.  We have built a game for them.” — Ree Soesbee


2 responses to “Need Time Travel NOW!

  1. I’m going to buy the CE of Star Wars, but I am very interested in what GW2 is doing. It looks like I might have to get 2 CEs or draw a name out of a hat. GW2 is looking good and different.

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