Flying Lab Software Gets It

Yesterday Flying Lab Software announced that Pirates of the Burning Sea is going Free to Play.  I have played the game.  I liked the mechanics and quit only because of the horrible community.  So this might get me to poke at the latest updates.  But where FLS prove the get it is this little gem buried in their post:

Finally, in the modern MMO environment, players often rotate through several games that they’re engaged in. With a subscription, it’s a hassle to cancel and then re-subscribe as they move back and forth between games. With F2P, players can play the games they want to play right that moment without having to keep in mind what they committed to weeks or months ago. F2P is a win for the player, and it’s a win for a more diverse MMO community.

If there is anything that describes my MMO play style right now, this is it.  I bounce between several MMOs on a regular basis.  A week or two of Runes of Magic here, a dash of Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates there, dabbling in Lord of the Rings Online for a while over yonder.  It has been over a year since a single MMO has dominated my time.  The F2P model lowers the barrier of entry and lets the players decide how much, or little, they play without the hard sell of a regular subscription driving them off.  My only wish is that F2P MMOs moved closer to the Turbine model; one where a monthly sub is offered for those who know they want to dedicate time to the game they have come to love.


Discussing Religion & Politics

Recently one of the people I follow on Twitter wrote the following, “Strangely I would much rather talk about religion than politics. The former has easier answers.”  I, too, hold a similar position.  I can talk for hours when it comes to atheism but when it comes to libertarianism I’m almost embarrassingly silent.  However that not got me to think upon why that might be.

I think it is because while both can be quite divisive to discuss with people who do not share a similar opinion, atheism is far more focused than libertarianism is.  Atheism is simple.  I don’t believe in any god.  6 words, done.  There’s very little that one can draw from that other than the fact that I don’t believe in any god.  Many people presume to know where I stand on other things by overlaying the likely political leaning an atheist might hold.  But that is a guess based on the likely political stance I hold, not of the lack of belief.

Libertarianism, however, is a far more pernicious beast as it touches a great many issues.  If I tell someone “I am a Libertarian” those 4 words instantly inform them of my stance on dozens of topics.  So in discussing my political views I have to be well versed in much more than the problems of Pascal’s Wager or the notion I don’t have morals.  I have to be able to discuss the pros and cons of gun ownership, gay marriage, abortion, taxes, welfare, the environment, and so on.  Dozens of topics which is hard to defend as the subtleties of the libertarian position are easy for people to white-wash and difficult to defend to those who see little more than black and white.

It is easier to discuss atheism because it is so focused.  It is one topic.  One can easily defend atheism on its own merits without getting mired down in the details of the sciences supporting it.  Politics, by their very nature, require one get mired down in the minutia of multiple social quagmires.

Firefall – Putting The Massive Back In MMOFPS?

The beginning’s fairly benign.  However right around the 5 minute mark when they enter the transport my schoolgirl squee threatened to escape.  Huge, huge world, apparently seamless.  None of this minute landscapes passing themselves off as an MMOFPS (Global Agenda, APB, I’m looking at you).  No inkling of how PvP fits into this (if at all) but for PvE this is a damn good start.