Android Love

Ok, I’ve fallen in love with my Droid all over again.  Recently I decided to take a trip.  A short 4-hour jaunt to visit mom like every good son should do.  Turn on the GPS receiver, plug in her address, tap navigation and it starts telling me directions.  No biggie, any GPS can do that.

Yup, then flip over to the music player, queue up Ani DiFranco’s “Living in Clip” and rock out.  Any time the GPS needed to give me directions the music was automatically paused, GPS told me the next step, music resumed.  Awesomesauce!

I just set the cruise and drove.  One of the most relaxing drives I’ve had in over a decade.  🙂


5 responses to “Android Love

  1. A couple days ago I upgraded my phone to an HTC Droid Incredible. This is my first Android phone and I am very impressed with it. I love the customization and it is way more powerful than I thought.

    • Definitely. My wife was worried that I wouldn’t use my Droid enough to justify the costs. My previous phone often went dead in some corner. But it was just a phone. This has become my phone, my camera, my GPS, my music player (bonus, it plays OGG, take that iPod, iPhone and Zune!) and my away-from-home Facebook/Twitter/Email clients, web browser and book reader.

      • Also ease of use. People always say user-friendliness is an edge that the iphone will always have, but I honestly had no problems figuring this thing out. Transferring files and syncing is actually much easier.

        The powerful system thing is huge for me. My last phone was a Blackberry Storm and I didn’t like it at all…I thought it was nice for work, but the touchscreen technology wasn’t up to snuff at that point. The operating system was slow too, so even though it was a smartphone, it was still “just a phone” to me too because I didn’t use it for much else.


      • Oops, pressed the Reply key prematurely.

        I mean to say, “Now I use my droid to keep me up to date on everything. I’m a google fiend so in many ways it’s perfect for me. I still think they need more work in the area of apps, but all the important stuff is covered for now. I also have an ipod touch that helps fill that void for me.”

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