I Am Google’s Bitch

First it was newfound appreciation for my Droid.

Today it is the fact I made the decision to move completely from Firefox to Chrome.  I have been bouncing between the two browsers for months now.  Firefox on my gaming rig and one of my Linux VMs because it was what I had grown accustomed to.  Chrome on my Mini 10v because it was lighter and HTML5 videos on Youtube played smoother while using less CPU time.

But then I found the page 15 Killer Google Crome Features You Might Not Know About.  #11, syncing through my Google account, sealed the deal. With my browsing habits spread across 3 physical and virtual machines keeping the settings, addons, and history in sync has been a challenge.  I tried to address it with XMarks but it never really worked well for me.  Mainly because I don’t use bookmarks.  Besides, Chrome only has one annoying feature and I haven’t been bitten by it in weeks.

That leaves tomorrow. With the amount of Netflix and Hulu that my wife and I watch I am so tempted to ask for GoogleTV for Christmas.

I think I now know what it’s like to be an Apple fanboi.


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