COD:BO? No Thanks.

Pass. The last CoD game I played was WoW Single Player and it didn’t do much for me. As for Multiplayer these games have been ruined by consoles. When it comes to quasi-military shooters I play with my FPS community, Tactical Gamer. The focus at that community is to slant the game towards realistic tactics as much as possible. Cut my teeth in that community on BF2142, put a good 80 hours into BC2 and then got sick of it since it was shallow as all hell.
When it comes to run-and-gun I’m done with FPS based in reality and/or based in simplistic game play. Sub-32 player TDM is just boring now. Small scale CTF/CP outside of TF2 is similarly boring. I had all of that back in the early FPS days with UT. Just UT.

Since then I’ve moved on to (and some cases beyond) Planetside, World War II Online, BF2142, Project Reality (BF2 mod). I’d still love to play BF2142 on TG’s server, though).

  • 48-64 players players minimum (far more with the MMOFPS).
  • Multiple squads per team with a defined command heirarchy.
  • Expansive maps with huge reach and depth.
  • Large-Scale, mutli-point objectives with structured paths to form fronts.

Any of that sound like 90% of the FPSes made post-Halo? Nope. We’re stuck in the early 2000s thanks to the rise of, and limitations of, the console FPS.

The CoD, MoH series have both moved from the PC to the Console as their target platform. They have ceased to innovate when it comes to scope and depth. In fact they push out innovative titles like MAG (I wish that were a PC title!). So all that is left is the Single-Player campaign.

At $60 a pop?

Yeah, don’t think so.

I’m more than content with my TF2 addiction (creeping up on 500 hours in that game, only WoW and AC has more play time) and the good rounds of BF2142/PR I can get on the TG servers. I’ll subsist on that until a true MP PC FPS comes along. One that expands the scope and depth of team work, command structure, coordination and camaradiere.

But then I am an old-timer and clearly these shooters aimed at the younger audience ain’t for me. 

(Originally posted to the Old Timer’s Guild forums, my MMORPG community.)



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