Planetside Jumping the Shark

In a recent discussion on the OTG forums someone said that Planetside was ruined with the introduction of BattleFrame Robots (BFRs).  I held a slightly different view.

Noooononono, BFRs didn’t ruin the game. It was ruined long before BFRs. CC is what ruined the game. BFRs were just the capstone.

SOE: We’re giving you urban combat! 

Players: Yay!!!!

SOE: We present, Core Combat!

Players: WTF!?

SOE: See, you can go into the core and get stuff to improve bases, one at a time.

Players: Uhhhh, no.

SOE: Ok, the upgrades work through the lattice to improve all bases.

Players: Uhhhh, no.

SOE: Uhm, ok, get the entire Cavern and get all mods through the lattice.

Players: Still no.

SOE: Caverns are only opened a limited amount of time.

Players: What part of “Urban” did you not get? Stop pimping CC. Admit failure and give us real urban environments!

SOE: Well, ok, everyone likes mechs. So we’re going to give you mechs!

Players: Yayyyyyy!!!!

SOE: To pilot them you have to go into the Core…

Players: *bitchslap*


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