MMO Names, Pre-MMO

Like many MMO players I was a gamer long before MMOs existed in their modern form.  I played both pen & paper RPGs as well as MUSHes.  Early in my pen & paper days two characters emerged which formed the basis of the first two character templates which exist to this day.

I wish I could recall the name of the first character, but his initial name has long since slipped from my memory.  Hey, it’s been over a decade (or two *cough*).  He was designed as a broken noble in a supplement to the original AD&D campaign.  I didn’t know it at the time but I had set myself up to play this character through one of the classic hero stories, the fall from grace and redemption through trials.  He was born into nobility and believed in his responsibility and his honor to his people.  This was until he was confronted with the corruption of those sitting on the throne.  A confrontation which left him both physically and emotionally scared.  Since that time he eschewed honor for efficiency, truth for expedience, justice at all costs.  The goal was to play through his pursuit to rid the throne of corruption.

The second character is one I only played twice but his influence is felt to this very day.  He was designed in the same ruleset for AD&D to be a rakish womanizer and general swashbuckling rogue with nary a care in the world.  His name was Kintomar.  I played him to the hilt and had a blast.  So much so he became the first character which crossed games.  When I joined a MUSH set in a similar fantasy world I returned Kintomar to play.

However I didn’t like his name so decided to change it.  At the time I was a fan of the anime series, Vampire Princess Miyu.  I did what many MMO players do at which many others scoff.  I took the name of a character from that series, Rava.  Thus Rava ni Silvemane was born.

A few months later Rava met his demise in game.  It was time to roll up a new character.  This time I reached back into my paper and pen history to reprise another character, the broken noble.  I had forgotten his name.  A good friend of mine in game suggested the name Grey d’Miyu.  Miyu as a reference to the inspiration of Rava’s name and d’ for French for of (although I later learned it should be deMiyu) and Grey to reference the shade of color.  The name was to be a play on words to imply this character was but a pale shadow of Rava.

Since that day Grey d’Miyu has been my stock noble in fantasy games where that applies.  Since Grey is often taken as a name, simple as it is, I often substitute Olethros as his first name.  A name taken more from Gaiman than the Greek.  As with all my stock characters I try to match his looks in each game to the original concept I created years before.  Tall, muscular, a tad on the pale side with long greying hair pulled back into a pony-tail.  He always has mustache & goatee if not a full beard, also greying.  He always has at least on facial scar if the character creator allows.

But no matter the name Grey is always that same anti-hero, broken noble character I designed so many years ago.  It is a name, and character, I’ve played so often and enjoyed so much it is my main persona online, not just in MMOs.


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