Awesome Android App – aCar (Alliteration Ahoy!)

Well, after a year of having my Droid I decided to purchase an app.

aCar by Armond Avanes is an excellent example of an app that is perfect for a phone.  aCar tracks fuel & service expenses for multiple vehicles.  I have been using it to track only the fuel expenses for my ST-1100 and BMW.  What makes it perfect for a smart phone app is that it is so handy!

If you’re like me you always have your phone with you.  Fill up, open up aCar, tap “Fill Up Rec.” and enter 3 things.  Odometer reading, gallons purchases and total amount.  From that it will calculate cost per gallon, MPG, cost per mile, time between fill-up.  With multiple records it also calculates a running average.  All the data can be visualized with tons of graphs or presented in great detail.  It’ll even compare multiple vehicles.

For example I can see that my BMW averages 26MPG while my ST-1100 is a hair over 40MPG.  I can also see that even though I put the high-grade stuff in my ST-1100 it only costs me about 7 cents per mile compared to the BMW’s 10 cents per mile on the low-grade stuff.

Easy-to-use, simple-to-understand and exceptionally handy on my phone.  Well worth the few bucks it took to register.


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