How My Atheism Has Affected My Work

Often theists will try to get atheists to admit that their atheism affect the sorts of decisions that they make, drive certain actions and what not.  It is an extension of the “where do you get your morality from if not God” argument.  Atheists counter that non-belief in something generally does not compel people to decide one way or another on completely unrelated topics.  For those who don’t get this concept tell me how your non-belief of Apsu affects your daily decision making.

Anyway, I recently noticed that my atheism has changed how I chose my words at work.  It’s a subtle change but one worth noting.  See, I work in a technical field and am actively engaged in problem solving.  I often have to journal my thought processes so others who also touch the same problem later on will know what ground has been covered and why.  Recently I have taken to replacing the word theory to mean hunch or educated guess with hypothesis, which is the accurate term.  Why?  Atheism.

Specifically the dozens of times a month I, or other atheists, have to reiterate to the disingenuous theists who like to point out that “Evolution is just a theory”, conflating the layman’s vernacular of theory (a guess) with the scientific definition of theory.  Because of this I am well aware of the differences between the two and simply can no longer use theory as a layman would when hypothesis is correct.  Especially in a technical field where accuracy in our terminology and reporting is paramount.

So, there, one example where my unbelief has impacted a conscious decision on my part.  Well, not directly but I’m sure it will count to some theist, somewhere.


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