Really, Cryptic… Really!?

Today Cryptic announced a killer deal.  Lifetime subs to Champions online for 20% off. Why?  Because it’s going free to play!  Oh boy, $300 for a game that is about to go free!  I’ve waited all my life for a deal like that!

No words can adequately describe the only way this could be taken so so here’s a relevant link.

I know, I know, CO is probably going to be closer to the DDO/LotRO Freemium model where the game is technically F2P but you’ll need to purchase higher level content or some such.  But this can only be seen as a money grab on Cryptic’s part for two main reasons.

1: CO’s subscription numbers have been falling off harshly.  Not nearly as harsh as LotROs before it went F2P.

2: Cryptic’s lifetime subscription fee is $100 higher than Turbine’s (when offered).

I think this pretty much confirms what we knew when Cryptic dumped City of Heroes just to make another Superhero game, using the same engine, making the same mistakes they made in CoH.  They just don’t get it.


2 responses to “Really, Cryptic… Really!?

  1. You know, I thought it was odd too, until someone I know who plays CO told me there was actually a huge community thread that asked them to bring back the LTS option before F2P. Some people want to be at the premium for life, I suppose. Cryptic’s definitely doing it for a money grab, but apparently it was also something that a lot of players asked for.

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