Gamer Hardware – Razer Mamba

I am a wireless mouse fan.  I know, that is sacrilege for a gamer.  But the lower latency of the wired mouse was always trumped by the resistance of the cable whenever I pushed the mouse up.  So ever since I bought my first wireless Logitech mouse I’ve been hooked on them.  My past three mice have been the MX610, the MX1000 and the MX Revolution.  With the poor design decisions of the MX Revolution (Revo) my Logitech fanboyism was broken and I started to look at other hardware manufacturers.

Enter Razer.  I had heard good things about Razer products but dismissed their mice because they were all corded.  Well, until the Mamba.  I waited 2 years for my Revo to show signs of wear.  This past fall the right mouse button started stuttering.  Hey, I didn’t like the design decisions Logitech had made, their quality still rocks!

Christmas brought a Mamba to my door.  So far this mouse has been a dream.  It took a good two days of play for my hand to get adjusted to the button positions and overall grip.  The Mamba is heavier than my Revo but it’s a good, solid weight.  The left and right mouse buttons have good tactile response and are quite responsive.  Buttons 4 and 5 were a tad out of the way but now I hit them without thinking of it.

The main benefit is the increase in DPI.  The Revo is set to 2000 DPI while the Mamba has 5 steps between 800 DPI and 5600 DPI.  For desktop use and most non-FPS games where DPI doesn’t much matter I leave it in the 2000 DPI range.  This lets me leave all my settings alone.

However for FPS games I decided to bump the DPI to 5600.  This has helped immensely!  Since I’ve been using laser mice for FPS since pretty much their beginning I have had to set my sensitivity sky high to remain comfortable.  15 in the original Half-Life, slowly scaling back as DPI improved.  Recently in Team Fortress 2 my sensitivity was set to 9.  With the jump in DPI from the Revo to the Mamba I finally got my sensitivity down under 6.  I think I’m hovering right around 4.

What this means is much better aiming.  It shows, especially in TF2.  I’ve seen an almost across the board improvement in all classes.  This is born out in the stats on the TF2 servers I regularly visit.  I’ve seen a 20-30% increase in K:D in the month since I’ve started using the Mamba.  I love it.  I don’t see anything but Razer mice in my future.

With the Mamba my loyalty to Logitech is shattered.  I had already purchased a Charcharias headset when I thought my older headset was on the fritz.  Now I am waiting for the Anansi to be released so I can replace my Logitech Elite.  I’m not going to wait for it to die.  Logitech keyboards never give up the ghost.  With that keyboard my conversion from Logitech fan boy to Razer fan boy will be complete.


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