Review: Monday Night Combat

I’ve put 45 hours into Monday Night Combat and have deinstalled it. The game could be decent but it suffers from problems that pretty much every neophyte FPS suffers. Little-to-no consideration given to mitigating spawn camping, class balance that borders on laughable, maps which are too small, too simplistic and give horrible advantage to teams which press an early game spawn camp (Steel Peel & Lazor Razor, I’m looking at you).

I’ve been on far too many steamrolls where one team simply cannot leave spawn in less than 1 minute of play. Both sides. Don’t like it when I’m trapped in spawn. Dislike it when I have the other team pinned down in their spawn. The game swings from excessively frustrating to stupidly boring.

Don’t get me wrong. The style is great. I like how the classes play if not the class balance. The announcer is hilarious and the concept is sound. But the implementation just kills any fun there is to be had.



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