Future of Video Gaming… Please No!

As a life long gamer I have constantly been in the out group.  Heck, pick a letter in my blog’s title, they all represent out groups.  Even my preferred pet, ferrets, places me in the out group.  But you know what, I’ve really, truly been ok with that.  People have different views on things, different likes and dislike.  Any time people have really tried to insult me based on any of the out groups I am a part of I recognize it for what it is.  An expression of their ignorance and incomprehension as to what they believe my views and opinions are.

But then there was this video which is reportedly a leaked internal video of where Microsoft wants to take PC Gaming.

I found it disturbing.  Why?  Because while I can understand and deal with people who oppose me and are trying to insult me I am just left stunned that anyone could be so wildly off the mark in what is, ostensibly, a video in which they show how they want to gain my business.

Really, Microsoft?  Really?  References to FarmVille, trying to tie it together with the abysmal avatar system you have on XBL and with a heavy smattering of spend, spend, spend sprinkled throughout?  This is the best you can do for a platform which, not 2 days ago, AMD described as stifled by console gaming?

Let’s be brutally honest.  If this is your forward looking vision you have missed the boat by years.  If people want to play Farmville they will do so now, across multiple platforms and browsers.  That ship has already sailed.  If people want to tinker with the avatar system on XBL, they’d have an XB360 and be doing so now.  You’ve got that market already.  PC Gamers are PC Gamers precisely because they aren’t Farmville playing, XBL Avatar twiddling people.

I am a PC Gamer.  I play PC games because they have far more depth than the casual offerings on Facebook and the stifling consoles.  I play PC games because it is in the PC where true long-term, large scale communities can thrive in a way that simply cannot happen on consoles nor in the small scale of casual gaming.  I am not dismissing those as viable and valuable venues into which gaming has expanded.  I just find it offensive that you feel that the unique flavor, the strengths, of PC Gaming should be so utterly ignored while somehow trying to promote that niche of Gaming.

If this is truly what you wish, please, do PC Gamers a favor and just give up on the platform.  Go play with the XB360 and leave the PC to people who have the passion to push the platform to the heights it deserves.  Heights well above anything you have apparently thought to imagine.


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