Joy of Steam Sales

Back in November and December of last year I bought a metric buttload of PC titles on Steam.  Lots of sales, lots of bundles.  I mean, we’re talking going from at least 100 games to 150 games on my Steam account.  So, yeah, today I was just poking around on Steam, looking for some new demos to try out, and ran into a few games that looked interesting.  One of which was Far Cry 2.  Just as I’m thinking, “Hmmm, how much does it cost” I notice a button that normally isn’t there.  “You already own Far Cry 2: Fortune’s Edition.  Play Now”.  Wait the whu-huh, WHA!?  When did that get there?  Jump over to my Library page and slap install to get the download going.  Then what do I see?  Crysis, Crysis Warhead, Crysis Wars.  Errrr, whu now?!

The joy of Steam sales, finding out what titles you actually got several months later.  Tellin’ ya, this is going to be Christmas year round.


2 responses to “Joy of Steam Sales

  1. LOL I was gonna say, when I saw the title of your post, I was like “hmm, I wonder how far he got into his library of games!” I remember reading about how you bought like more than a hundred! Haha, “You already own…” I knew that was bound to happen sooner or later 😛

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